Welcome! I'm Adrienne Hart


I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. I’m also an Accredited Orgonomist in Dr. Patricia Frisch’s Method.

I’ve trained under Dr. Frisch in her specific therapeutic approach that integrates Wilhelm Reich’s classic work called Orgonomy with James Masterson’s work with Personality Disorders. James Masterson’s work updates Orgonomy to include his character types. I treat many issues and disorders using this unique therapy called Reichian Orgonomic and Character Analytic Psychotherapy.

Dr. Frisch’s Method includes Jungian Dream Analysis.

I recommend her book, Whole Therapist, Whole Patient: Integrating Reich, Masterson, and Jung in Modern Psychotherapy. See details here.

My Background & Approach

I came to the field of psychology from interest and study in all aspects of health. This started with interest in nutrition through its many iterations over the decades and continues to inform my life and my work. I’ve been interested in natural health and alternative medicine. I have a variety of interests which are intertwined in the way I work.

I’ve been a psychotherapist since 2002. My resume is available here (download resume).

I have a great appreciation for the value of personal development. I’ve taken my own personal work seriously through years of therapy. I feel it is inappropriate to guide someone through a path that I’ve never experienced. I have stuck with my own growth process through many challenges so I know the path well. This allows me to have what we call deep "Contact" with your suffering and your potential.

I feel fortunate to have found deeply meaningful work as a therapist. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with people in such a deep and personal part of their life and to watch them grow, knowing the hard work and commitment it takes. I’m particularly drawn to the methodology I’ve been training in since 2001. It’s a lifelong learning. I feel fortunate to be paying it forward, offering the gift to others that I’ve been blessed to be a part of both personally and professionally.


I supervise licensed professional therapists, and under certain circumstances pre-licensed associates. I work with your cases through the orientation of Dr. Frisch’s method, which is an integration of the master theorists Wilhelm Reich, James Masterson and Carl Jung. The supervision helps professionals learn the therapeutic frame, character type vs symptom focus, and the concept of resistance. I work with therapist’s reactions, counter transference being a central piece of the supervision.

How Can I Help You?

I work with individual adults and couples facing a variety of challenges and issues.