Foundational Concepts


What is Orgonomy

Orgonomy is the name of a particular theory and therapy developed by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. He was the founder of what is known today as somatic therapy. This unique psychotherapy integrates biophysical interventions along with the verbal character analysis. Where appropriate, the body-oriented component helps free bound-up emotions, loosens chronic tension, deeper holdings and energy leading to a more naturally vital and expressive self.

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The Work I Do

I’m trained as a Reichian Orgonomist. I’m an Accredited Reichian Orgonomist, having received my training and accreditation from Dr. Patricia Frisch in her unique Method of therapy. My work is based solely on this therapeutic approach which was conceived and developed by Dr. Frisch, called her "Method."

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Is Bodywork For You?

Your body is a direct correlation to your character style. It expresses your character in physical form by rigid and held patterns of repressed and blocked emotions. Bodywork offers the additional support to help you release even deeper than talk therapy alone can do.

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