How I Work


What’s it like to work with me?

You will find me to be straightforward. I will be direct with you, so you’re able to learn what you need to about yourself.

I’m approachable, natural and easy to be with. I treat you and your life with respect and compassion.

I’ve been in the trenches myself and I know what the journey is. I’m not standing above you. I’m learning about your life, right along with you. I have humility about that.

I use humor and can be spontaneous.

I value these traits and hope they create a space where you feel comfortable to do the work you’ve come to see me for.

I won’t sugarcoat this...

This work is not for the faint of heart. It’s difficult to change old patterns. I’ll be challenging. Change can happen only if you stick with it. You can expect results: changing bad habits, patterns, self-sabotage, and reduction of physical symptoms.

As therapy moves along, there is a deeper Self-discovery. Self-understanding that puts your life into some sensible order. A life of confusion can turn into something that makes sense.

Some of the issues our work together can address include:

Healing a history of trauma.

Finding meaning out of the pain.

Learning more effective and satisfying relationship skills with family, friends, and coworkers.

What makes my work unique

This work can help you change long-standing patterns in a deeper way than some have found in other therapies.

Your body is the storehouse for your history and how you live your life. I work with the interface between your lifestyle, your history, and how your body is holding these pieces.

My approach

We begin by learning about you. I ask you questions to help guide us to the important things I need to know about you. This helps us understand the current and historical context for what brings you in. All the while I’m learning more about what we call your character. This is the totality of how you present yourself: your attitudes, beliefs, style of interacting, the behaviors you do to keep you safe, how you function in your life, where you are stuck and where you are not, how your body has integrated your life experiences and how it expresses itself.

All of this is so we can understand who you are from the various layers, both what you present to the world and what is under that layer. Actually it is a process of going down through the layers, starting from what is often the "false self" or "façade". This is what we learn to carry to be presentable and safe in the world. It is often all we know as ourselves, we don’t often know the layers of Self it has hidden. We are learning the layers so we can get down through the superficial elements into contact with your deepest feelings.

How can you live your life if you don’t know yourself? My belief is that we can always be uncovering who we are truly meant to be.

Let's Explore Working Together

If you are facing challenges or difficult emotional states, let's explore working together.