Is Bodywork for You?


Your body is a direct correlation to your character style. It expresses your character in physical form by the rigid and held patterns of repressed and blocked emotions. Bodywork offers the additional support to help you release even deeper than talk therapy alone can do. This is done through my guiding you in breathing patterns, physical and emotional expressions, and by my working directly onto the places of holding. This can help you release long-held tensions and feelings providing a sense of relief and connection to meaningful heartfelt emotions.

Bodywork, if appropriate, is a natural outgrowth of our verbal character work.

In considering when to begin bodywork, I assess what is going on in your current life both emotionally and physically. Bodywork is often an integral part of the work if both of us agree it’s the right thing. In some cases, bodywork isn’t appropriate for a long time, or at all. I will let you know as I learn more about you.

The bodywork is done on a mat in my office. You will be lying down, fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothing. I guide you in certain ways of breathing and expressing through making sounds and physical movements. You may be pounding or kicking and other such expressions. At intervals I will be working on your body by pressing on certain areas where the armor is held (muscular tension) to help facilitate its release. The pressure is not a massage and can often feel strong. You will guide me to the level of your comfort. The level of discomfort you feel informs us the degree of armor in that area and it takes time for it to begin to release. I encourage your verbal and emotional expressions in the bodywork, this helps you to release the armor and free your blocked energy.

Over time, deeper feelings will emerge, allowing you to access more of your natural vitality, vibrancy and aliveness. Yes, truly, this work can free this in you, as these are natural healthy impulses wanting to be lived.

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