My Services


I provide psychotherapy as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I work with adults beginning in the early adult years of launch after high school age, up to older adults in the last stage of life.

I work with many symptom issues including depression, anxiety, life transitions, chronic health issues, trauma, and post traumatic stress disorder, among others. I treat most issues that people present with. I work with disabling patterns of style, behavior and functioning as well as with individuals that manifest somatic symptoms. People can often present with multiple symptoms and I can help you sort those out.

People come to therapy with a variety of issues, complaints and concerns. Each individual is unique. We will learn what your particular needs are and go from there.

I work with couples, of any configuration. (See Who I Work With, click Relationships.)

I don’t take insurance and am not part of any insurance panels.

I also provide supervision to students and professionals in the mental health field. See more here.

Therapy Work

I work in a specialized form of therapy called Orgonomy. This therapy is holistic and sees the functional unity of mind and body. There is a verbal aspect called character analysis which helps to deal with chronic patterns of dysfunctional behaviors, attitudes, and modes of interacting. When indicated I also provide biophysical therapy working directly on the body to help release the tensions held from repressed emotions. This allows for the full expression of those emotions and the accompanying relief.

Standard therapy sessions are weekly for 60 minutes. Sessions can be longer and can also be more frequent as the situation requires. Individual therapy is ongoing and a time is set specifically for you. The length of time you might be in therapy is something we discuss as we learn more about your issues and needs.

Couples sessions are 75 minutes.


My fee is $200 for 60 minutes.

For students of the profession, I often will be flexible with my fees to accommodate the student’s financial constraints. We can discuss this.

For those who have fee restrictions, I have other professionals who I can refer you to.


I work with people who can self-pay as I don’t take insurance. Payment is due at the time of our visits unless otherwise arranged. I accept payments by cash or check. I provide billing statements on a monthly basis if you are in need of reimbursement of fees through your insurance. After paying me directly, some patients have insurance where they submit my bill and may receive partial reimbursement from their insurance company or employee benefit plan. It is the patient’s responsibility to address this directly with their insurance company.


Therapy is a serious commitment and as such consistency with your sessions is required. I have a 3-day cancellation policy when needed.

Getting Started

After our first session, if we decide to work together I will have you fill out a packet of documents so I can learn more details about you and so you have a complete understanding of the frame of the therapy.

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you. Contact me anytime if you have questions or would like to explore working together.