Who I Work With


I work with individual adults and couples. I see people beginning around the age of 20 and older, to those in the last developmental stage of life.

Below are some of the various issues I work with. Your situation is unique to you, though you may see yourself described in the struggles listed below.

After exploring my site, I hope you will feel clearer whether you’d like to take the first step in reaching out to me. We would have an initial phone conversation so we can both learn more about each other and get a sense of whether we can work together.


Developmental Passages & Their Challenges

If we fail to adequately develop and grow through each successive stage in our lives, it will affect us later on.

If this is the case for you, the goal of our work together will be to help you achieve a more age-appropriate engagement and feeling of mastery in your life.

We will come to understand the issues you faced in your early life and how they are affecting you now.

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Depression, anxiety, loneliness, feeling stuck...

Do you know the dark feelings of depression all too well?

Or debilitating and all-consuming anxiety?

Or possibly loneliness that feels unending and the sense of defeat that accompanies it?

You don’t need to suffer alone with these feelings. First we will learn the source of these painful states and bring new meaning to them. I give you a fresh perspective on the deeper feelings that pervade your life and help you make adjustments that can free you. We create space for hidden and unconscious shame. This liberates you to experience more pleasure and vitality and find your source of meaningful engagement.

Maybe, for you, all has gone reasonably well, but a shock has rocked your world, an illness, the death of a loved one or divorce. This is a time to feel supported through the painful and important initiation and transition required.

Being in therapy takes courage and is a way of taking responsibility and ownership of your life. Therapy is learning how to play, to live fully, with joy, creating a foundation of a clear, strong, and purposeful vision that deeply and truly nourishes you.

You Don't Need to Suffer

If you are facing challenges or difficult emotional states, let's explore working together.